EMK Construction, is a private limited company, which was set up initially to manage the build of a solar farm in Lincolnshire.  The project was immensely successful, which led to a further solar farm builds.  Collectively these solar farms cover more than 1000 acres of otherwise low value ground, and generates over 165MW of electricity.


From first hand, professional and successful experiences, combining our knowledge as both landowners and farmers, EMK Construction are able to offer a wide range of Solar Farm Support Services, these include;

Total Grounds Maintenance                                                 Electrical Support

Spraying and vegetation removal                                       Fully qualified and experienced HV SAP engineers

Mowing                                                                                   Electrical works related to Solar

Hedge planting and fencing repairs                                   Cabling and repairs to existing systems

Tree felling and clearance                                                   General repairs and underpinning of inverters

Road building and maintenance                                         Thermal imaging and electrical certificates for industry

                                                                                                Office/factory/domestic property electricals

Our staff are fully trained, qualified, and experience in solar.

Please contact our office, where we will be happy to discuss your requirements and/or provide you with a quote.

Telephone:  01529 460230 / E-Mail:  fraser@emkconstruction.co.uk