Why Recycling Matters

January 6, 2017

Most people are already taking recycling seriously but there are still many people who don't appreciate the great impacts recycling can make to both our planet and our health.


Business, industries and corporations all have an integral part to play in providing the public with an Eco-friendly mindset which will make our planet more healthy and more sustainable. 




The chances are you have repeatedly heard dozens of things that would happen if we all recycled- so how about we look at what may happen if we don't recycle:

We would run out of space to bury our waste

Landfill sites and dumps can only hold so much rubbish and what happens when they have all been filled up- will we be living in and around heaps of rubbish? Scientists have predicted that this could be our reality in a few years to come. Recycling would help prevent this as waste is re-used in a healthy and efficient way.

Harmful gases in the air

Rubbish in landfill sites is either left to rot or is incinerated. Both of these processes are harmful for the environment because of the bad damage they cause.


Letting waste rot down and deteriorate, not only takes time, but also releases unpleasant smells and dangerous toxins into the air which is bad for human health.


The process of incineration ruins the air that we breathe by releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. Some scientists believe that waste is responsible for releasing 700 million tons of carbon dioxide into our air. 

Contaminating drinking water

Waste could pollute our drinking water and make it very dangerous to drink. Less than 3% of the Earth's water supply is safe to drink- Surely we don't want that to go down! Finding new ways to recycle will help us preserve our clean drinking water and beautiful landscapes.

So that's the dark, scary world we could be living in if we never recycled. Luckily millions of us already are- and companies like ourselves are always finding new ways to make our carbon footprint as low as it possibly can be.


And that is why we want to give all of our customers the completely recycling mindset that we have on our farm. We have got some ideas and ways you can recycle used EQUI-CHIP and used onion nets.


Now it's up to the public- not just in the UK- but around the globe to make our planet a sustainable and healthy place to be living.


We are increasingly trying the encourage the public to love the land we live on. By using Equi-Chip and other DIVERSE FARMING products, you are protecting bees, trees and all the other wonderful nature in the United Kingdom. To find out more, or to make a donation visit: thebeesanctuary.biz









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