A Week Using EQUI-Chip

December 9, 2016

For the last couple of weeks, a customer up in North Yorkshire has been using EQUI-Chip in her stable and posted tracked her progress on Facebook.


Her "daily diaries" gave everyone a glimpse of what it is like to use EQUI-Chip for a week and how it can improve a stable or yard.


Day 1


As you can see, they have completely filled their stable with three bags of "EQUI-Chip" and confessed that her horse, Eli, is "messy". So let's see how this goes for her.


 Day 2


The first time she has had to clean out EQUI-CHIP, and it took ten minutes. The beauty of EQUI-Chip is that it is highly absorbent meaning that the stable looks nice and clean throughout. It is still early on but the quality of EQUI-Chip is already starting to show. 


 Day 3


After starting the week on three bags, they have opted to put another in (although it was not necessarily needed- she admitted this).

Apparently Eli made quite a mess in the stable, including bringing all his hay in, but it still only took ten minutes to clean out. Three days in and EQUI-Chip is starting to work its magic on this customer...

 Day 4


Half a week in and the bedding is looking just as clean as it was at the start of the week. Still only took her ten minutes to clean out and not a piece of muck in sight. Because the chips "fall-through-the-fork" during "mucking out" processes, you end up with only taking out the piece of muck and a super tiny bit of chippings- the result is an efficient bedding saving you time and leaving you with a super clean and tidy yard!


Day 5


The caption and the picture says it all. Five days in and the bedding is looking just as clean as earlier in the week and it still only took ten minutes to clean out. The bedding is virtually dust-free with a very consistent chip, which is what is making it so easy, efficient and quick to clean out.


Day 6


Here we are, Saturday- time to let your hair down and relax- you don't want to be spending your day off cleaning out your stable, so why not use EQUI-CHIP because this proves you will be spending less time. More time to ride and do the things you enjoy doing.



Day 7


So it is the last day of the week. What is your stable like at this point- is it messy? Does it take a long time to clean out? More importantly- does it look as good as EQUI-CHIP?



So there you are- we know how much of a gamble it can be to change over your horse bedding, but what more reassurance could you need for EQUI-CHIP- Still not convinced though?


Order a free sample. Or buy your EQUI-CHIP today.




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