Choosing The Right Horse Bedding For Your Horse

November 14, 2016

Despite being somewhat overlooked, choosing the right horse bedding is absolutely beneficial for your horse and can result in a healthier horse and an easier life for the owner.


There are plenty of different types available on the market today (straw, paper, wood pellets, rubber matting, hemp/flax and wood-chippings to name a few) making it hard to find the best one for your horse. 


There are advantages and disadvantages for each type, however wood-chipping is one of the best- not to mention the fragrant and natural wood scent. And with EQUI-CHIP now only £5 a bag, there is not better time to switch over like so many other horse owners.


High quality horse bedding made from wood-chippings is not only affordable and economical but great for keeping the horse clean and healthy. Straw is easy to dispose of and has an impressive absorption rate, however wood-chippings have a clean, bright appearance and they are also dust-free. Compared to straw and hay which have the tendency to be quite dusty- obviously affecting respiratory. As well as rubber matting which does not always look pleasant on the eye.

Horse bedding like EQUI-Chip, contains Natural Antiseptic Properties which in short, provides medicinal benefits which helps fight against:

  • Inflammatory Airway Disease

  • Excess Mucus & Phlegm

  • Pharyngeal Lymphoid Hyperplasia

  • Heaves - A chronic, non-infectious airway condition of horses that also is called Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO).

  • No more "Packed-Hooves"


Life is so much easier for the owner or person cleaning out the stable when they are using wood-chips because the bedding "falls through the fork" during mucking out processes, which means that waste is minimised and the bedding lasts longer.


As a result of its high absorption rates, EQUI-Chip can last up to 50% longer as well as a slower decomposition rate which results in a truly efficient bedding.


Disposing of any kind of horse bedding can be a nightmare and you also need to think about that before making your mind up. Paper cannot be used in agriculture and it is dangerous to dispose by fire meaning it can be a challenge to dispose of. Likewise with straw which has lower absorption rates. 


The bonus with wood-chippings is the fact that, when mixed with manure, it decomposes to make an excellent garden mulch which you could either use to cover up poached tracks on your field, or even sell it to a local garden centre to make a bit of money. You could making money off something you had to pay to dispose of in the first place.  


If that doesn't sound appealing enough to you, well then thanks to our one-of-a-kind Chip-CYCLE scheme, we are able to come and pick up used EQUI-Chip bedding completely free of charge to recycle back at our farm as fuel to make more high quality EQUI-Chip.


Find out more about EQUI-Chip and Chip-CYCLE on our website.

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