Why Wood-Based Cat Litter Is The Best Choice

November 9, 2016

One of the things about cats is that they are very particular over their litter. It can sometimes be hard work trying to find the perfect litter for your cat, especially when they're not cooperating. Not to mention experimenting between powder, paper-based, or wood-based.




Well we believe that wood based cat litter is the perfect cat litter for your pet- considering you buy a good quality product. Properly graded and processed wood-chippings are dust free which not only is better for your cats health, it is easier for you to clean out the poo from the litter as well as keeping your house clean and tidy as no wood-chippings have been stuck to your kitties paws.



Cat litter made from wood is also dried by clean-energy methods which result in a highly absorbent and cost-effective bedding. What makes wood-based cat litter cost-effective? Well, as the poo is so easy to pick out, you do not need to take away much of the litter- which obviously means you do not have to put more in, saving you money and time! 


The cat litter that we make, Catch-It, is made with only the purest mini wood-chip, with natural medicinal properties which makes it the best, the safest and the healthiest litter for your cats. The one thing that you will notice when you open a bag of your Catch-It cat litter is the fresh and natural pine scent, which is all the approval you need to know that our wood based cat litter is made from 100% sustainable softwood. 


Disposing of wood-based cat litter is also a lot easier than trying to dispose of powdered cat litter. Not only is wood-chip based cat litter more efficient to use and economical, but our Catch-It Cat Litter can easily be recycled as garden mulch if you left it standing for a few months. Read more about our Chip-Cycle scheme for more information.


So there you go. That is why believe wood-based cat litter is the perfect choice of litter for your pet and for your wallet. 


If wood-based cat litter is the best cat litter- and Catch-It is the best wood-based cat litter... Then does that make it the best of the best?


We certainly think so! Click here to see what cat litter we have to offer and why it is the best of the best.








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