What Logs Do I Need For Winter?

December 9, 2016

Christmas is only around the corner (which some people are happy about, others are dreading it) which is why it's important to make sure you have everything you need to last for the coming winter months.

One thing that always gets overlooked is firewood. As we are now well into December, it is essential that you start stocking up for your winters worth of logs and kindling. (We have a wide range of logs and kindling in our online store).


Ready for a Cliff Richard-esque Christmas sing-a-long in front of an open fire.




But before you start looking into the firewood we have to offer here at Diverse Farming, we have broken things down a bit so you can understand what type of logs you may need. 



What Is The Difference Between Hardwood and Softwood? 



 I know what you're thinking- and no, it isn't because hardwood is hard and softwood is soft. 


Essentially, Hardwood  trees (angiosperms) produce seeds with some sort of covering (such as apples or acorns). Softwood trees (gymnosperms) let their seeds fall to the ground with no covering (such as Pine trees which grow seeds in hard cones). 


Angiosperms are effectively deciduous because they lose their leaves in the cold weather, whereas gymnosperms keep their leaves all year round making them evergreen. 


Evergreens are usually less dense than deciduous which means they are easier to cut. However, by looking at balsa wood (which is a hardwood) you can see that there is no weight requirement to become a hardwood. 




What Does This Mean For Firewood?


As a result of its lightness, softwood is very resinous which allows the wood to light easily and burn hot and fast. The fire from a softwood has large flames which crackles and sparks. 


Softwoods are perfect for kindling and campfires because they burn quickly and produce a nice large flame. 


The large density in hardwood results in a hot and long lasting fire with little smoke or sparks. However, because it is more dense it is harder to light. 


So we recommend a few pieces of softwood at the bottom of the pile to quickly get your fire going. With the addition of some hardwood on top, it will gradually burn and light, leaving you with a nice hot and long lasting fire to keep you warm during the winter months. 


View our full range here: diversefarming.co.uk



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