Why We Should All Be Green (and how you can be)

October 24, 2016

Here at Diverse Farming, we are often asked what our main message is to our customers and the people we deal with. The answer? That's simple.


We want everybody to love the planet we are all living on. Being Eco-friendly and using renewable energy are just some of the things in which we pride ourselves in doing - above anything else - and that is how we believe the mindset of the public should be. Our Bee Sanctuary is just one of the examples of how we do this, and we will continue to work hard for our planet for many years to come. 




Over the last few years, we have all heard about the use of green house gases, and the greenhouse effect but most people often say "but why should we care for the environment?" well here are some reasons why:


1. Environmental Issues

Everybody has seen the distressing pictures of polar bears without any land to sit on, or pictures of peoples lives being caused havoc by natural disasters. Those two things alone show just how important it is to be Eco-friendly, because if we love our world- then it will love us back! 

It isn't just animals and natural disasters that this affects. There is also the issue of toxins infecting water supplies and rivers, not just harming ourselves by drinking ruined water, but also ruining the lives of fish and seafood with the dangerously contaminated water

2. Boost Economy by Eating Green

If you were to eat more locally sourced fruit and vegetable, you would be living healthier and also reducing the amount of green house gases in order to get that food onto your plate. By supporting local food producers, you are giving the local economy a boost and also eating food with no harmful chemicals, pesticides or added hormones. 


3. Save Yourself Money


We don't need to do some scientific mathematical sum to show that using less energy leads to spending less money. What other reason could anyone need, everyone is looking at ways to spend less money and you can do that alongside keeping our Earth clean. It's a win-win!


4. For Your Health


Do you want to live more healthily? Well going green will make the air you breath cleaner, the water you drink cleaner and the noise pollution smaller. All of that leads to a better of quality of life for the resident; making you happier and healthier!



How can you become more Eco-friendly?


Hopefully by now you are desperate to go and make yourself greener. (Not literally) Well here some ways you can clean up your carbon footprint... right now!


1. Only use your heating when you need it.

2. Walk/cycle when you could drive.

3. Grow your own fruit and vegetable

4. Buy locally sourced products

5. Use rechargeable batteries

6. Invest in renewable energy

7. Buy recycled products

8. Recycle waste yourself. 


We try to run our farms, products and offices as green as we possibly can in order to make the world we live more sustainable. Keep checking this blog to find out how we do it!

In the mean time, check out the products and services we have to offer at: diversefarming.co.uk



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