Easier Than You Think...

Disposing of your used horse waste can sometimes be time-consuming and, not to mention, quite costly. However, because we are all eco-lovers, one of our intentions when we were developing EQUI-CHIP bedding was to encourage our customers to recycle their used bedding.


Recycling has never been easier, and there are several ways you can recycle EQUI-CHIP without any fuss or bother to make or save yourself money.


Don't think you should recycle? Here's why recycling matters.


Thanks to our CHIP-CYCLE, we are the only horse bedding manufacturers who offer a unique ability to come and pick up your used EQUI-CHIP bedding, completely free of charge! If you have at least 25 tonnes of used EQUI-CHIP, we will bring a lorry over to you for free and all we ask is that you load up the lorry with your used bedding. We will then take it away and use it to fuel our bio-boilers to make more EQUI-CHIP- making it a completely sustainable and eco-friendly product!

The used EQUI-CHIP has to be no more than 25% poo content- charges may apply if your used bedding is over 25% poo content.


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Garden Mulch

You may not have 25 tonnes of used EQUI-CHIP, but don't worry. An alternative is to recycle your used EQUI-CHIP into garden mulch. You could even sell it on.


By simply placing the used bedding back into the original packaging- again, with no more than 25% poo content- and folding over the top to stop water getting into it, and then leaving it for six months, your EQUI-CHIP will have composted down into a garden mulch. We have made the packaging with the intention of providing our EQUI-CHIP customers with the ability to recycle their bedding into garden mulch. The same can be done for our other animal bedding products.


You could use the garden mulch for your personal use, or you could even sell several bags to a local garden centre or shop. A 90-litre bag of garden mulch normally retails between £5-£8. Find out more about the wonders of garden mulch on the RHS website

Good-bye Poached Tracks...

EQUI-CHIP can also be used in gateways in paddocks. It can be hard trying to deal with "poaching" from your horses walking around in their field. Poached tracks are just a general nuisance and hard to get rid of!


When you fully clean out your yard, take the poo out of the bedding and spread the bedding around the poached patches. The wood chips will work wonders for touching up those muddy patches and helps you to restructure those areas of fields. EQUI-CHIP contains Fertiliser Nutritional Content which absorbs horse urine and that enables a vast and quick growth of grass in the fields- leaving you with a perfectly green and safe field for your horse(s). 


What's more, EQUI-CHIP doesn't blow in the wind which means that you will have a nice and tidy yard. It's an efficient, easy and cost-effective way to clean up your yard and fix up muddy patches.


Did you know that you can also use EQUI-CHIP for playing fields? Take out the muck and poo and then what's left can be used to spread around playgrounds!

The magic of EQUI-CHIP doesn't stop after you having finished using it for your horse and we want to offer the public the completely recyclable feel that we have. Even our bag is 100% recyclable.


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