G6 Wood-Chip - 2 Metre Cubed

SKU: BF00000019
Our wood chips are the best grades possible. This ensures that the pellets which are delivered have the maximum energy content, deliver optimum burning efficiency, all of which contribute to the lowest possible running costs. Please note: we distribute this product both 'bagged' and via bulk loads.

    The G6 Pellet-Chip is distributed to 12.5% Moisture Content, resulting in money-saving 2.60 p/kWh figures.


    As registered Self Suppliers, Producer/Traders and Traders, we are highly involved with the BSL.

    RHI participants using biomass fuel need to ensure that their fuel meets the RHI sustainability criteria and demonstrate this to Ofgem in order to claim RHI payments. Fuel must meet a lifecycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions criteria of 60 per cent GHG savings against the EU fossil fuel average, and the land criteria – which for woodfuel are set out in the UK Timber Standard for Heat and Electricity.  As a result, there's no better for bio-fuel related enquiries. Why not give WOODFUEL a call today on +44 (0) 1529 460 230.


    All our timber is sustainable sourced by DIVERSE FORESTRY. Carefully selected softwood species such as spruce, pine and poplar are used to assure thigh calorific value. We will not be beaten on quality either, call not for a FREE sample: +44 (0) 1529 460 230.