Cat Litter 3 X 30 Litre Bags


£24.00 inc. VAT + Shipping. 


Our CATCH-IT Cat Litter is a 100% organic cat litter with high absorption and made from sustainable sources. Our speciality mix contains only the purest mini woodchip (with natural medicinal properties) which in turn ensures only the best litter for your cats. As we only select the best virgin timber for our CAT LITTER it is the natural safe choice.


- 100% Natural Mini Woodchip

- Economical

- Lightweight

- Made from only the best virgin softwood (not recycled wood)

- The natural safe choice for your cat

- 100% biodegradable

- Fresh and natural pine scent

- Supplied from 100% sustainable sources



All of the timber for our cat litter us harvested abd supplied from 100% sustainable sources by DIVERSE FARMING. Once harvested, DIVERSE FARMING uses patent equipment to process the timber to the highest standards. Our CAT LITTER is then dried by clean-energy methods, resulting in a highly absorbent, eco-friendly litter.