1/2 Pallet of Chick-Chip 80 litre bags


Palley of 40 x 80ltr bags of CHICK-CHIP. 


Chick-Chip is the perfect bedding to use for your chickens. Our Chick-Chip wood chippings have been specially made for birds and other poultry. 


The bedding is so much easier to clean, which means less bedding is used everytime, making it a truly efficient bedding.


Chick-Chip is a highly absorbent and cost effective woodhcip bedding. Our speciality-mix contains only the purest mini woodchip, with natural medicinal properties, which ensures only the best living conditions for your chickens and other poultry. As we select only the best virgin timber for Chick-Chip it is the natural safe bedding for birds and poultry. 


What's more, it does not blow away because of its density making it the perfect poultry bedding for keeping a tidy cage. Birds can exercise their wings without making a mess of the house.


-Pure virgin timber

- A mix blend of specialist grade 'A' softwoods

- Using Chick-Chip can take up to a week off chicken breeding time

- 100% Organic

- Easy to use and waste is minimised

- High absorption

- 100% sustainably sourced

- Easily recycled as garden mulch