Our Story

Mayfield Vineyard is the vision of Fraser Key, situated on the 100 year old family farm in Lincolnshire. Four generations have been born on the farm with the traditional family middle name being passed on to the vineyard in 2011 when the first vines were planted.

At Mayfield vineyard we are incredibly passionate about the environment and take an ecological approach to our growing. We limit unnatural intervention and our grapes are handpicked to ensure only the highest quality pressings.

We have also harnessed the quintessentially English rhubarb to create a contemporary twist on a Champenoise-inspired sparkling wine to bring you something new and exciting.

Our Wines

Rhubarb Fizz.                                                                                                                                             £26 per bottle.

Opulent pink in colour, the perfect blend of finesse, concentration and freshness. A fantastic expression of finest English fruit in perfect bubbles. A modern take on the traditional method Champagne styles of the past.

Barn Owl, 2016. Sparkling white.                                                                                                            £32 per bottle

Grape: Phoenix

Delicately smooth, this limited-edition fizz has hints of apple, lime and a dash of passionfruit.  Made in the traditional method, giving a soft texture and a clean finish.


Little Owl, 2017. Dry White.                                                                                                                     £13 per bottle

Grape: Phoenix and Villaris.

Quintessentially English, crisp and dry with a balance of flavour and acidity that refreshes the palate. Perfectly balanced with hints of apple, lime and a dash of passionfruit. 


Short-eared Owl, 2017. Off-dry white.                                                                                                   £13 per bottle

Grape:  Phoenix

Freshly mown grass, and a nose that encapsulates the best of English nature. A balance of floral meadow notes delicately infused with autumn fruits.


Tawny Owl, 2017. Medium red.                                                                                                              £18 per bottle

Grape: Bolero & Regent.

The palate is silky smooth, this ruby red has harmonious tannins and fresh red fruit character.

Please note all our wines are vegan friendly.