Equi-Chip is, as the name suggests, chipped wood from virgin timber which is then dried to 18% moisture, making it incredibly absorbent and virtually dust-free. As horse owners, we all want the best for our horses and our bedding choices reflect this, but we also need to consider the cost, time, effort of usage and the ease of disposal of the bedding. Equi-Chip ticks all these boxes:

FEATURES:                                                            BENEFITS:

  • Sourced from 100% Virgin timber              * Time and labour saving 

  • Dust-free                                                        * Less dust means clearer airways which can increase performance

  • Super absorbent                                           * Horses, and rugs, stay cleaner

  • Natural antiseptic properties                       * Inhibits ammonia build-up which can irritate the respiratory tract. 

  • ​From sustainable source​s                            * Less waste therefore a smaller muck heap, saving on disposal costs

Horse Comfort

A 500 kg animal will squash a shaving flat, Equi-Chip flexes but holds its shape and is very warm and comfortable. EQUI-CHIP will not pack in your horses' hooves yet is supportive of the foot, joints and whole horse.



Equi-Chip is, as the name suggests, chipped wood from virgin timber which is then dried to 18% moisture; this makes it incredibly absorbent and virtually dust-free. Not all tree species contain natural antiseptic properties but our timber is sourced for just that reason. The first thing you will notice when opening a bag of Equi-Chip is the clean and fresh smell; it is one of the cleanest products on the market.



99% of Equi-Chip unspoilt bedding falls through shavings forks, minimizing excess waste during daily box-management. Therefore this gives you more time to do the fun things with your equine!



Wood chip has 30% more volume per chip of wood than a shaving; more volume absorbs more moisture resulting in less waste. Equi-Chip is denser and therefore does not blow away so readily, saving you time sweeping and keeping your muck heap tidy.



Less waste means less muck heap and we all know of the constant problem of trying to keep the muck heap and the yard clean and tidy. Look at our Recycle page for more information on how you can recycle your used Equi-Chip bedding. 


Simon and Natalie Reynolds 

The bedding is wonderful. It's halved my mucking out time and it's so easy to use. I seem to not take over half as much out as I did before on regular shavings. I'm very impressed with the product. I think the reason it is so good, is the fact that it doesn't seem to stick to the muck and just falls through the fork. When you look in the wheel barrow, it's literally just muck. It's also super absorbent. We actually use the wet to scatter in muddy gate entrances and in our dog run. It is dust free and also smells lovely. We have noticed a positive difference in the horse's feet too. ' (Natalie Reynolds.)

Laura Lowmax 

"So far so good! Fizz is so much drier on them, takes me 5 mins to pick the small amount of poo out. Did Flynn's stable yesterday with it and even though he poos more and kicks it around, it still only took me 10 mins and I didn't have to remove any wet. Loving it so far, might even put the other one on it. Definitely holds a lot better than the snowflake one! (Laura Lowmax) 

Tower Equine Veterinary 

Tower Equine were delighted with the Equi-Chip bedding where it was used in the foaling box. It gave a nice clean, antiseptic bed, perfect for the new arrival. 

Clare Casey 

Day 6. As good as it was on day one. So, ladies, this is four bags, and still as easy to muck out as day one and looking goooood. Well I am off shopping now im all mucked out. Thank you Equi-Chip and Jodie White for this fab product. (Clare Casey review on Facebook.) 

Becky Killen (Chestnuts Livery) 



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