The Perfect Bedding For Poultry

Chick-Chip bedding has been specially made with chickens and other poultry in mind. It is made from pure virgin timber with a mixed blend of specialist grade 'A' softwoods making it the best bedding for your chickens and poultry.

Our speciality-mix contains only the purest mini woodchip (with natural medicinal properties) which in turn ensures only the best bedding for your chickens and poultry. 

Key Features

Chick-Chip is perfect for use on chickens, ducks and all other poultry. Its benefits include:


  • Easy Cleaning- Clearing our Chick-Chip bedding couldn't be easier thanks to the quality of Chick-Chip woodchip. Not only is it virtually dust-free, but the high absorption of the Chick-Chip makes it easy to pick out waste and makes a little go a long way. Using less bedding every time will save you a lot of money!

  • Warm & Comfortable- Wood shavings are prone to being squashed flat by the animal- however Chick-Chip flexes and holds shape, leaving you with a longer lasting bedding. 

  • Heavy & DenseChick-Chip is heavier than typical woodchip bedding, therefore there is less mess and waste when birds are "exercising their wings".

  • Highly Absorbent- The woodchip is force-dried to a low moisture content leaving the bedding with impressive absorption rates - the result is a truly absorbent bedding.

  • Covers Up Smells- The 100% organic wood chips contain Natural Antiseptic Properties which help to cover up odours from the chicken house.


Q. Use more than 25 tonnes per year?