Get an exclusive 20% discounts on EQUI-CHIP horse bedding

Ambassador Opportunity Time is Here

We are looking for three diligent, helpful and enthusiastic people to represent our brand up and down the country, who are either currently using EQUI-CHIP or looking at changing their bedding. In return for helping us spread the word of our high-quality horse bedding, we offer discounts on our bedding and other great incentives. 

Role Of A Brand Ambassador
  • Representing Equi-CHIP bedding

  • Handing out flyers whilst attending events

  • Wearing Equi-CHIP branded attire

  • Using social media to represent EQUI-CHIP

  • Write a monthly blog about how you're finding EQUI-CHIP and your latest achievements for us to promote on social media ​

What You'll Get In Return
  • Massive 20% discount on ALL of our EQUI-CHIP products

  • Free EQUI-CHIP branded jacket and saddle cloth

  • Grow your network within the horse community

  • Exposure on our social media pages on a monthly basis

How To Apply

Brand Ambassadors roles are open to all levels and disciplines. If this sounds perfect for you and your horse, please email us telling us why you would be the best to represent EQUI-CHIP with the following details:



  • Name

  • Age

  • Equestrian discipline and level

  • Current bedding used

  • Like our Facebook page and Share the Brand Ambassador advert

  • A small paragraph about yourself supported with a couple of photos.


Send us an email to, applications close 31st December 2016. We will narrow it down to the top six who will be announced via Facebook in the New Year by posting a picture they submitted. 


The three pictures with the most "likes" and "shares" by 14th February 2017 midnight will be our ambassadors!